Between two ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Exclusiveeeee I have been wanting to share this hilarious comedy internet series from the guys at Funny or Die with Zach Galifianakis ever since I saw the the first video. What happens is that Zach conduct celebrity interviews sitting with his guest between two ferns. From Justin Bieber to Sean Penn, Will Ferrel to Richard [...]

The funny borat meme

My name izz Boratt beech !

Borat in a bikini and the meme face making fun of him.  

Funny lord of the rings

Some fun with the Lord of the Rings (movie)

The  Lord of the rings is among the  greatest movies ever made  list, in fact it is one of  the best movie . So today we took a little dig on this movie , obviously no offense to the movie (just kidding). Below we have some screenshots from the movie but  with a little (huge) [...]

funny movie posters

10 fake but funny movie posters

Movie posters play an important  role in bringing audiences to the theater , posters can also create immense hype , so a a great poster means great money . but we have something different here , the posters below are the cliches of the real movie posters and they are created to make fun of [...]

See below

This one is for Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was something ,there is no doubt about that he was one of the most creative person in the world . He created such a beautiful and smart technology that no one’s close enough.  Check out these cool facts about Steve Jobs and his creation.

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