Defence Minister Sitharaman Flies In Sukhoi Jet

India’s first woman defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently spent 45 minutes flying in a Sukhoi Jet, that’s great for woman empowerment. She spends a lot of time in Delhi right but she is nothing like one of those Delhi girls, she is a badass.

Now to the good part.

Duniya Sunil Shetty ki nazaron me….. haye hupu haye hupu haye haye…. Sorry Shetty sahab…. love you man.

Hypothetically Sunil

Sunil : You know I believe in equality, Ye toh inspiration hai for women , karna chahiye aisa kaam, maine bhi kiya tha bhot pehle See this…. abhi tak iski charcha ho rahi hai . I believe in equality.

So Ivanka Trump is in India for a business summit

She said that Modi personally invited her, ya why not, If I were him I would too. They also had private dinner Taj Falaknuma Place. Damn man I that’s exactly what I would do too again. Man Modi’s living the life I wanna live , wining and dining at the coolest places with beautiful ladies.


Ivanka’s trip serves to signal White House interest in the U.S.-India relationship

Modi is great at it, with all the song and dance but I think he is taking this to the next level, I like where this relationship is going. Awesome

What about Angela….

The summit made headlines when local authorities began rounding up beggars ahead of the conference. haha

She should go to Gujarat where the real beggars are currently, in nice clothes begging for votes in exchange for new lies, new promises, new ghanta.