Defence Minister Sitharaman Flies In Sukhoi Jet

India’s first woman defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently spent 45 minutes flying in a Sukhoi Jet, that’s great for woman empowerment. She spends a lot of time in Delhi right but she is nothing like one of those Delhi girls, she is a badass.

Now to the good part.

Duniya Sunil Shetty ki nazaron me….. haye hupu haye hupu haye haye…. Sorry Shetty sahab…. love you man.

Hypothetically Sunil

Sunil : You know I believe in equality, Ye toh inspiration hai for women , karna chahiye aisa kaam, maine bhi kiya tha bhot pehle See this…. abhi tak iski charcha ho rahi hai . I believe in equality.

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